night trail with immersive multimedia experience

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Welcome to Quimera

Welcome to Quimera, a guided walking trail through the depths of a volcanic lava rock Forest. The tour guide will take you on a journey that will reveal the history, science, and culture of the archipelago of the Azores – via the means of an artistic multimedia-experience taking place at night. You will travel From the past into the Future: From non-fiction into Fiction, via the expression of video, sound, theatre, and live music.

All participants will wear a hooded mantle raincoat inspired in the Azorean traditional vest “Capote e Capelo”,  a helmet with lighting attached and headphones.

Event Info

After buying your ticket through this website, you will have access to our location in Calhetas, Ribeira Grande, on the island of São Miguel.

Participants will choose between English or Portuguese language narration upon ticket purchase.

We recommend that you bring comfortable apparel such as light clothes and hiking/walking shoes.

Safety & mobility information: this event contains flashing lights. The trail is not wheelchair accessible.


Every Thursday, at sunset, our flag will be raised at our secret location, and QUIMERA will be on

General audience: 40 euros
Residentes of Azores: 25 euros
Location: Revealed in the welcome e-mail
Duration: A little over an hour
Recommended age: 14 years old and over
Cash only Magic Bar 
8 Participants per event 
QUIMERA will take place rain or shine 
For bigger groups, contact us directly through e-mail or whatsapp 


Sofia Caetano is a Portuguese-American visual artist that was born and raised in the Azores islands. She studied painting, photography, cinema and media art in Lisbon, Portugal and Boston, USA. Her body of work is interdisciplinary, and her projects explore a dynamic relationship with the spectator, where ecology and existential comedy coexist. Sofia experiments and presents the public with artistic experiences that challenge the boundaries of the status quo.

Elliot Sheedy is an American filmmaker, composer, and actor based in São Miguel, Azores islands. He studied theatre arts, art history, cinema and media art in Pittsburgh, PA, and Boston, MA, USA. Elliot’s artistic practice is centered around the human Form transmitting spiritual sanctity. He creates media artworks that combine music, theatrical staging, and cinema arts to transfer his viewers into realms of the sublime.

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