Privacy Policy

Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano is committed to respecting users’ privacy and protecting and securing their personal data. This text aims to inform the user about how Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano processes the personal data provided through the website


This privacy policy applies to all personal data collected through the website (“Website”) of Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano. The entity responsible for processing these data is Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano, located at Rua da Caloura, 15, 9560-211 Lagoa. The user should read this privacy policy carefully and freely decide whether to provide their personal data to Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano before using the website. The user guarantees that they are of legal age and that the communicated data are true, accurate, complete, and up-to-date, being responsible for any non-compliance. If the communicated data belong to a third party, the user guarantees that they have informed the third party about the conditions provided in this document and obtained their authorization to provide their data to Sofia Caetano for the indicated purposes. You can contact Sofia Caetano regarding any issues related to this privacy policy through the following contact points:

  • Customer Service: +351918406127
  • Email:

The personal data collected through the Website are intended to respond to or follow up on user requests and are processed for the following purposes:

  • Prepare, manage, and respond to information requests and/or complaints;
  • Contract and/or request contact related to services and/or equipment;
  • Join partnerships promoted by Sofia Caetano in conjunction with its partners;
  • Participate in campaigns and contests within the scope of advantages and benefits;
  • Schedule visits to the facilities.

The processing of personal data is necessary to carry out the above-mentioned operations in the context of the execution of the contract between the user and Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano or pre-contractual steps at the user’s request. Joining partnerships promoted by Sofia Caetano through the Website may require sharing and transmitting your personal data with Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano’s partners. Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano will only share your personal data with these partners to the extent strictly necessary and, wheneverapplicable, after collecting your prior consent and acceptance of the specific terms and conditions of the partnership available at the time of data collection for this purpose.


The user’s personal data may be communicated to reputable service providers contracted by Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano, who will process the data exclusively for the purposes established by Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano and in compliance with the instructions issued by it, strictly following the legal norms on personal data protection, information security, and other applicable norms under a written agreement between the parties. The user’s personal data may also be communicated to Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano’s commercial partners for partnership purposes, at the user’s request and after collecting consent for this purpose. Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano may also communicate the user’s personal data to third parties when the transmission is carried out in compliance with a legal obligation, a decision of the National Data Protection Commission, or another relevant control authority, or a court order. They may also be communicated for any other legitimate purpose provided by law.


Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano will endeavor to ensure that personal data processing  takes place entirely within the European Economic Area. Exceptionally, and when strictly necessary for the pursuit of the processing purposes described in this Policy, Sofia Caetano may transfer the collected personal data to third countries or international organizations for which there is an adequacy decision by the European Commission or subject to appropriate safeguards provided by law, such as the conclusion of standard contractual clauses for personal data transfer (under Article 46 of the GDPR). When transferring data to third countries or international organizations based on adequate safeguards, Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano will ensure additional measures to ensure that personal data enjoy a level of protection essentially equivalent to that existing in the European Union.


Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano will retain users’ personal data for the period necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected. In the case of a contract between Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano and the user, the data will be retained during the contract’s term, plus the limitation and expiration periods of the rights arising from it, unless Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano is obliged to retain them for a longer period by law. Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano may also retain the data beyond these periods for statistical purposes, and for this purpose, the data must be anonymized.


The user has the right to request Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano access to their personal data, as well as its rectification or deletion. They also have the right to restrict processing concerning the user, or the right to object to processing, as well as the right to data portability, under the laws governing the processing of personal data. The right to deletion will beconditional in cases of personal data necessary for compliance with legal obligations. To exercise the above rights, the user may contact the data controller through the addresses indicated in point 1 of this policy. The user also has the right to lodge a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission if they believe their rights regarding their personal data have been infringed. For any questions related to this privacy policy, the user may also contact the data protection officer (DPO) of Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano, whose email address is


Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano makes its best efforts to protect users’ personal data against unauthorized access through the Internet. For this purpose, it uses security systems, rules, and other procedures to ensure the protection of personal data and prevent unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, loss, or destruction of data. However, it is the users’ responsibility to ensure that the device used to access the Website is adequately protected against harmful software, computer viruses, and worms. Users should be aware that, without adopting adequate security measures (e.g., secure browser configuration, up-to-date antivirus software, firewall software, and not using dubious software), the risk of personal data and passwords being accessed by unauthorized third parties is increased. Additionally, if any defect, bug, or anomaly is detected on the Website, the user should immediately report it to Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes

Caetano and not seek through these to access commercial information, personal data of other users, alter the Website’s features, or, in any other way, exploit the defect, bug, or anomaly to use digital channels irregularly, illegally, or differently from what was designed by Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano.


Through the Website, the User can share relevant news on various social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano cannot be held responsible for the processing of your personal data carried out by these platforms following your sharing. Therefore, the user should carefully read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of these platforms before sharing news.


The Website uses cookies. To learn more, visit our Cookie Policy.


Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano may change this Privacy Policy at any time. When these changes occur, they will be disclosed through the Website and/or communicated to users through the provided contacts.

Last updated: May 6, 2024




This Cookie Policy explains how we use information collected through cookies and other tracking technologies on this website of Sofia Caetano. These Digital Channels use cookies not only to ensure they work correctly but also to provide you with a better browsing experience, allowing continuous improvement of the services provided or protecting your data. The Cookie Policy should be read together with our Privacy Policy, where we explain how we protect your privacy in the use of cookies and other information. For any questions about the Cookie Policy, you can contact Sofia Caetano through the following contact points:

  • Customer Service: +351918406127
  • Email:


Cookies are small information files placed by the websites you visit and stored in the browser of the device you use to access the internet (for example, your computer or mobile phone). These files help the website remember information about your visit and facilitate your next visit by keeping Users’ actions and preferences for a certain period of time, maintaining or recognizing your username, the language in which you want to browse the site, or other settings. Cookies can be classified according to various criteria.

Considering their purpose, cookies can be:

(a) Strictly necessary cookies – when they are necessary to ensure the website’s operation and/or to ensure the provision of functionalities requested by the user, or to save their preferences regarding navigation on the same, whenever they use the same device and request.

(b) Analytical cookies – have an accessory nature and collect statistical information in order to help website owners analyze their use and better understand their visitors’ engagement with the websites. Another function for which these cookies may be used, along with some advertising cookies, is to allow measuring interactions with the ads we present.

(c) Customization cookies – have an accessory nature (not necessary for the operation of the website, but can improve its performance) and are used to personalize the user’s browsing experience.

(d) Advertising cookies – have an accessory nature and aim to make advertising more attractive to users and advertisers, by selecting advertising based on what is relevant to the user, in order to improve campaign performance reports and avoid showing ads that the user has already seen or marked as irrelevant. Considering the lifespan of cookies, they can be distinguished between:(a) Session cookies – have a temporary nature, being deleted from the cookie file when the browser or application used to access the Digital Channels is closed or shortly thereafter. Through these types of cookies, it is possible, for example, to analyze web traffic patterns, allowing us to identify problems, safeguard security, and provide a better browsing experience.

(b) Permanent cookies – unlike session cookies, these are not deleted when the browser or application is closed, remaining stored on the User’s devices. They are used whenever a new visit to the website is made, allowing, for example, customizing the browsing experience according to the User’s interests and providing a more personalized service.

Considering the entity that places the cookies, they can be classified as follows:

(a) First-party cookies – are sent to the User’s device through equipment or domains managed by Sofia Caetano and from which the service requested by the User is provided.

(b) Third-party cookies – are sent to the User’s device from equipment or a domain managed by a third party over which Sofia Caetano has no control. In these cases, the third party may process the data collected through the cookies, and Sofia Caetano may not have the ability to configure their operation.


On the Sofia Mont’Alverne Mendes Caetano Website, the following types of cookies are used:

  1. a) Strictly necessary cookies;
  2. b) Analytical cookies;
  3. c) Customization cookies;
  4. d) Advertising cookies. It may happen that not all of our Digital Channels use all the categories of cookies listed above.


In the case of strictly necessary cookies, the website cannot function without them. As for other types of cookies, the choice is up to the user. According to current legislation, Digital Channels may only use cookies with the prior and express consent of the user unless placing certain cookies is strictly necessary to provide the service that the user has expressly requested or to provide access to a specific functionality of the Digital Channels.


All browsers allow the user to accept, refuse, or delete cookies, and also inform the user whenever a cookie is received, namely by selecting the appropriate settings in their browser. The user can configure cookies in the “options” or “preferences” menu of their browser.Please be aware that disabling cookies through your browser settings may impact the

functioning of the Digital Channels since the settings panel of most modern browsers does not

offer a level of detail that allows users to reject all cookies that are not strictly necessary to

enable the use of the websites they visit. On devices that offer this type of functionality, you may

have greater control over your cookies using free extensions available online.


Sofia Caetano may, at any time, without prior notice and with immediate effect, change, add, or

revoke, in whole or in part, this Cookie Policy. Any relevant changes to the user will be

immediately disclosed on the Digital Channels, and you may access the information and,

depending on the type of cookie in question, consent to its use.

Last update: May 6, 2024